Wrinkle Correction with Skin Fillers

Since the beginning of time people have been concerned about their appearance, particularly with regard to facial wrinkles causing premature aging of the face. These concerns typically revolve around the anatomic changes associated with reduced skin hydration, texture change, solar damage, tissue laxity and longstanding muscular contraction. Some of these changes are predetermined by your genetic background while others may be related to lifestyle choices, trauma or simply the passage of time. In any case, the Holy Grail of a youthful appearance remains smooth, soft and supple skin. In addition to traditional skin care, Botulinum toxin (Botox), Juvederm®, and Restylane are powerful weapons in the battle against facial wrinkles.

When facial muscles contract, the overlying skin may respond with a wrinkle that is perpendicular to the direction of muscle contraction. This action is responsible for the characteristic features of “crows feet”, forehead furrows, prominent nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and perioral fissures. Botox is a neuromuscular toxin that causes temporary weakness of muscle. While Botox may be a “weapon of mass destruction” for military purposes, it is a “weapon of dynamic wrinkle reduction” in a much safer dilute form. Botox has been safely used and FDA approved for treating muscle overactivity for decades. Botox is useful to create a temporary weakness in muscle that stops “dynamic” wrinkles and is best used in the upper face. Skin fillers differ from Botox in that they add volume to skin and reduce “static” wrinkles, or wrinkles at rest, and are best used in the lower face. Botox and skin fillers are compatible and can be used together like a “hand in a glove”.

Restylane and Juviderm are used as skin “fillers” to add volume and soften or eliminate undesirable facial wrinkles. Botox, Restylane and Juviderm have become among the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures worldwide. They have proven to be safe and effective to reduce facial wrinkles with little downtime. Of course there may be side effects with the use of fillers and Botox, but these are usually limited to minor swelling or bruising that resolves within a reasonable period of time. For a more detailed list of indications, side effects, and precautions, please see the company websites listed on this site.

The introduction of Botox, Juviderm, and Restylane created a “feeding frenzy” among providers who deal with facial aesthetic issues. While almost anybody with an opposable thumb is capable of injecting these materials, there is NO substitute for a fundamental knowledge of facial anatomy with an aesthetic sense and medical background to appreciate the limits of these techniques. An aesthetic surgeon whose practice is geared toward facial restoration is most likely to help you achieve your goals in an efficient and cost effective manner. The cost of treatment depends upon your specific need, the type and amount of product(s) used. Dr Edelstein will work with you to achieve the specific aesthetic goals you have in mind within your budget. His teamwork approach allows you to feel in control of the process while allowing you the benefit of his years of experience using these products. In comparison to incisional surgery, the immediate impact and short downtime with Botox and fillers makes these office based procedures even more economical over the long term.

The Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety was created to help patients understand the value of a qualified physician using appropriate judgement and technique to maximize safety in using Botox and other injectables. While many patients use price as the sole criteria for the person providing their injections, please understand that there is no substitute for a complete knowledge of anatomy, adequate training, and experience to avoid the pitfalls associated with injectables. Here are some points to consider prior to having your injection:

  • Recognize that injectables are medical treatments and belong in the hands of a qualified doctor.
  • Choose only U.S. FDA-approved injectables for a use that is specifically cosmetic and an application that is similar to your condition.
  • Accept that there is no such thing as generic of substitute brand for U.S. FDA-approved injectables.
  • Do not accept bargain prices or deep discounts, as you may not be getting a U.S. FDA-approved injectable or an appropriate dosage.
  • Do not accept treatment at a party, public gathering, spa, salon or other non-medical setting.
  • Do not act on impulse when you choose injectables. Follow proper procedure by learning about your doctor and the treatment you will have.

Please visit the site below for more detailed information regarding injectable safety.

Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety Site